Protecting Edgetree's financial health is considered one of management's most important responsibilities. This task is accomplished through the combined efforts of the Board treasurer, a professional reserve analyst and our management company, with assistance from an ad-hoc Budget Committee.
The Budget Committee meets in the autumn of each year to review the budget for the current year and prepare the budget for the next year, and this in turn establishes our annual homeowners association dues. All homeowners are welcome to attend Budget Committee meetings.
ANNUAL BUDGET:  The Edgetree annual budget is based on our history of expenses, current inflation factor, projected increases in contracts and utilities, and projected capital improvements (reserve expenses). The approved budget for the current fiscal year can be viewed in the Budget Performance Report presented on our Financial Statements page.
ANNUAL RESERVE STUDY:  Edgetree follows a 30-year maintenance and repair program that is funded through reserves and homeowner fees. Our reserve study is performed by professional reserve analysts and is updated annually.
The reserve study contains a comprehensive listing of the common area components in our complex, including the associated costs for major maintenance, repair and replacement. The Board of Directors uses the reserve study for maintenance planning and cost estimates to determine an adequate monthly dues contribution when planning the major maintenance portion of the annual budget.
Reserve Funding - Major Maintenance
November 3, 2016 - 30 pages
SPECIAL ROAD RESERVE STUDY:  Because road maintenance is such a significant issue, the Board of Directors commissioned a special reserve study to anticipate necessary repairs and associated costs.
Reserve Funding - Roads
September 28, 2011 - 38 pages
HOMEOWNER FEES:  Monthly homeowner fees are used to pay for:
  Building and grounds maintenance
  Certain utilities such as sewer, water and street lighting
  Administrative functions such as management and insurance
  Capital repair and replacement activities such as painting and roofing
Homeowners may mail a check to our management company's bank each month, make monthly payments on-line, or arrange for automatic payments to be deducted from their checking accounts.
COLLECTION POLICY:  Homeowner fees are Edgetree's major source of income, so it is critical that they are received in a timely manner. For that reason, Edgetree has adopted a strict but reasonable collection policy:
Edgetree Collection Policy
July 2013 - 2 pages